About Us

Sky Regional Airlines Inc. is a Canadian company that operates regional routes on behalf of Air Canada under the Air Canada Express banner. On May 1st in 2011, Sky Regional operated its first commercial flight and went on to service markets such as Toronto City Centre, Montreal, Ottawa, Moncton and Quebec City with a fleet of Bombardier Q-400.

In 2013, the airline expanded, adding 15 Embraer E175 series aircraft serving the Northeastern United States, flying in excess of 100 flights per day into cities including Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas, and Chicago. In 2016, Sky Regional Airlines expanded its fleet with an additional five E175 aircraft serving such markets as Jacksonville, Houston, Denver and Atlanta.

While early in 2017 the airline saw the departure of the Q400’s, an additional five E175 were added to the fleet. Sky Regional’s entire fleet is now comprised of twenty-five Embraer E175 series aircraft.

Sky Regional’s success comes from having a strong and dedicated team with consistent core values. Safety & Security above all else drives our commitment and we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. We are passionate about our passengers, and our employees, recognizing it is the foundation of our reputation.

Each and every day we look for innovative ways to improve the travel experience. Our Embraer aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi service and seat back in-flight entertainment systems allowing our passengers to watch current movies and TV shows or listen to a wide selection of satellite radio stations.

Sky Regional was the first commercial airline in Canada to adopt the iPad Electronic Flight Bag (‘EFB’) and continues to expand its use of technology to improve the travel experience for both flight crew and passengers. Pilot use of iPads as an EFB has replaced approximately 18 kilograms of aircraft manuals, charts and documentation in every aircraft, and provides the most up-to-date information they require during operations. From instant weather radar maps to immediate flight manual updates, the Electronic Flight Bag has proven to be a valuable tool in daily operations and an important step in reducing our airline’s carbon footprint.

Sky Regional Airlines currently employs over 650 people in Toronto and Montreal.