Safety – Priority One for Sky Regional

At Sky Regional, safety is a top priority.   Sky Regional’s outstanding safety record is accomplished due to a comprehensive Safety program that is supported by all employees who work at Sky Regional.  Economic and service considerations are never allowed to compromise safety.  Sky Regional Airlines maintains the highest standard of aviation safety and occupational health and safety.


Safety Management System (SMS)

The Safety Management system is a comprehensive, explicit and proactive process for managing risks that integrates operations and technical systems with financial and human resource management. With the participation of every employee, SMS provides for goal setting, planning, and measuring performance to deal with organizational safety. Sky Regional Airlines’ SMS team works closely with Transport Canada and Air Canada to lead an industry-wide safety management program Quality and Safety management program.


IOSA Registration

International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit is one of the most stringent safety and quality audit programs in the airline industry.  Sky Regional is an IOSA registered airline and continues to maintain the international safety standard for all customers associated with the airline.


Our Safety Policy

The Accountable Executive, executive team, management and employees are committed to supporting, developing and continuously improving our safety management system to uphold the highest standard of aviation safety. Sky Regional identifies and minimizes safety risks wherever possible by continually reviewing, analyzing and improving our business to minimize safety risks. All operational decisions are consistent with the principals and safety management provisions detailed within the Safety Management System Manual. This is managed by the Safety Management System that covers all departments within the organization.